An invisible light

Keep yourself motivated

रास्तों को रुकना ही होगा

क्यूंकि इन पैरों में जान अब भी बाकी है

हाँ धड़कने बढ़ गई है कुछ थक कर

पर इन धड़कनों में साँस अब भी बाकी है

ये अंधेरी रात भला क्या भटकाएगी इन कदमों को

इस रात को क्या पता कि इन बादलों में छुपे चांद में रौशनी अब भी बाकी है

Live or Lift Covid

COVID has been around for a while and we are living with an unwanted guest. I have been at home from last 7 months. Yes, of-course it is too boring, and it feels like time flies without changing the things in our favour. Journey started with the same end point all within it. This period has been God’s grace for me – I am more alive and am more aware than I ever was! It looks like a straight road but lots of sudden twists and turns which does not even allow to blow horn or to get aware of the coming sounds.

Why has COVID created so much fear? Is sickness and death because of corona something new? Don’t thousands of people die all over the world everyday even otherwise? My cousin died very   young. My best friend died young. A dear nephew of mine died young. My Friend’s parents lived well into their 90s and they were together for 71 years! And this despite the trauma and heartburn of partition. A aunty of mine has lived most of her married life in and out of hospitals and in a couple of years she would celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary- God willing 🙏🙏

That is life and we know so little about it! We must live to know more about it. We just know what we see, what we feel, but there is a lot of things happening all around we can’t see and can’t even feel, but they are happening. Some die young and some die old. Some lead happy, healthy, and joyous lives and some are born sick. Many cultures, societies and even some religions believe that we have no control over life and death. “The moment we are born the date and time and how we shall die is fixed”. So why are we so afraid of Corona? I believe only those are afraid to die who have never really lived. Those who truly live are never afraid of death. And only those who lack faith are the one who have more fear of death. Death remains the only certainty in this uncertain world, but why die every single day!

I believe this lockdown because of Corona has saved thousands of deaths by road accidents alone in my city and my country. Must be so in other countries too. I believe the person whose time has come is going to go. The cause could be an accident, normal flu, any other disease, or Corona. It may also have suicides. We should and we must take common sense measures but not be afraid of Corona. We should and must make lifestyle changes and build our immunity but not be afraid of death. We must think about death and make friends with it rather than not understand it and be afraid of it.

Before afraid thinks what is life and why life is? What is death and why death is there after life? This gives you enough time to live and make sense of your death. Find out the answer – is death uncertainty or is it the only certainty which is fix in this uncertain word.

Whole of life is cyclic. Nothing lasts. Life and death are two sides of the same coin. And it is only death that really gives meaning to life. If there was no death would life have any meaning at all! We should rather embrace life than be fearful of death.

Be careful in this pandemic , Be positive in this negative airflows, keep hopes and be safe✌️